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MAY 21, 2023

"10 years ago, I made the journey to compete for Queen of Kansas City Pride, and while not selected, learned many lessons that formed my passion for pageantry.  I would go on to promote city preliminaries and work with a national pageantry system, affording opportunities to sit on judging panels at regional pageants, but one thing remained true through each experience.  I wanted to come home.  As a more authentic version of myself, competing for King of Kansas City Pride will afford our community an affluent representation of our community, showcasing volunteerism, and the goal of promoting equality for male lead entertainment, no matter the weight, the stature, or what is underneath the clothes.  We all deserve to be accepted and recognized within the community as leaders for future generations."



This category allows contestants the opportunity to engage with the judging panel selected in a professional setting.  During this timed connection, contestants introduce themselves, and are acclimated to the judging panel on a more personal level, while being evaluated for appearance, and answer content.

Contestants are given up to seven minutes on stage to showcase their abilities to entertain the audience, without the use of liquids, fire, or live animals.  Contestants often choose ballads, theatrical performances, routines with choreography, or even live performance.  Absolutely no tipping of contestants may be done during their performance.

Red Carpet Fashion

On Stage Question

As the music turns up, this is the chance for gentlemen to pose for up to 90 seconds for the judging panel to see what they can present on stage for a classier appearance.  There is modeling, and showcasing garment selection that compliments their figure.

This thrilling part of the contest is a chance for contestants to answer a posed question on stage for the judges to evaluate public speaking ability, and content in the moment.  This can be an intense moment for contestants, so the audience is particularly silent to allow the contestants to focus on their answer delivery.

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My Story

Growing up in rural Missouri, I always had a passion for performance.  In school I was actively part of choir and theatre, and emphasized my creative talents within publications.  After graduating from a rural high school (Peculiar, MO), I found myself professionally working in sales.
In 2011 I began to explore my passion for stage performance, and within a year was on stage performing as a female impersonator.  While I appreciated the art and aesthetic, I found myself creatively embraced to the experiences behind the scene, the creative side of concocting beautiful advertising visuals, and administratively operating the back stage with set lists, lineups, and managing a Tuesday night karaoke experience for nearly a year.  I told myself something that I share with others to this day, "Fiind value in what you bring to the community of artists, not only on the stage, but off as well.  Your legacy will appreciate you more"  

By 2013 I began a visual design business, consulting with regional entertainers, and hit it big time in 2016, gaining a creative partnership with a client, that has invited me to return year after year to creatively consult with the Miss Gay America pageant.  I was enthralled, and soon after plans were made to bring back the All-American brand as Mr Gay America.  For 3 years I was able to consult with male lead entertainers, and found myself entranced by the challenge of entertaining as you are, without hiding behind the makeup, wigs, padding, and beyond that are needed to successfully pull off a female illusion in so many instances.

After working as a promoter, a dresser, as part of a talent ensemble, as well as serving as a brand advisor and consultant to the longest running pageant in female impersonation history, I am ready to lead by an example of perseverance to capture my dream of being the next male lead symbol of excellence for the Show Me State.

Meet The Team

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Made for a Queen   Pop Culture Sculptures   
Tabbi Katt   Gavin Hebert   Monica Mitchells   Trixie LaRue

Paul & Claire Ryser   Rene Appell   Michael Dutzer   Rob Mansman

and the amazing community that will join us on May 13 as we celebrate male lead entertainment.

Thank you for believing in my abilities, as I learn to believe in what I am capable of doing with what is before me. 

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